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What is Offered

Services Included

For the Develop, Grow and Excel memberships

Feeling good about yourself is the goal, but to get the most out of your efforts it’s important to make sure your body is working as well as it possibly can.

We can help you make sure this happens in a number of ways, including chiropractic care, sports therapy and sports massage.

One or a combination of these will often result in less pain, better form and the ability to achieve more.

Unlimited Classes

You can attend as many classes during the week as you wish, so long as space is available.

Having a membership does not guarantee a space. To book your space on a class, download the Body Happy app allowing you to book a class anytime, anywhere. Classes are a great way to increase the number of times you exercise a week, through an instructor lead session.

You can also book classes through our website, by calling 01273 916900, or speaking to one of the Body Happy team.

Unlimited Gym*

You can attend the gym as many times as you like between your sessions.

Use the Body Happy app to follow a workout set by your personal trainer, complementing your session you have with them and geared towards your goals highlighted in the fitness consultation.

*Lewes only – unfortunately Hove is only a personal training studio and we are unable to offer access as a gym. If you are a member of Hove and would like to use our Lewes facility, please speak to one of the Body Happy team.

Initial Fitness Consultation

The Fitness Consultation is our screening process, where we look at your overall health and wellbeing, in order to help you get the most from your training.

We ask questions about your exercise history, goals, diet and wellbeing along with a measuring your weight, height, blood pressure, body stats and mobility. The information gained is then used to design a fitness program to help you reach your goals and look after your body.

Fitness Consultation reviews will be carried out where appropriate throughout the year, checking on your progress and setting new goals.

Weekly Sessions

Depending on the package you have, you are entitled to a maximum of number of sessions per week:


1 session per week


2 sessions per week


3 sessions per week


Build your plan around what you need

Depending on your plan, you are entitled to between 1-3 sessions per week. By talking to your instructor, you can pick and mix what the best options are for you based on your fitness consultation results and how your training has gone that month.

For example, if I am on the Develop plan, I could ask for 3 weeks of 2 personal training sessions for the first 3 weeks of that month and the last week of the month have 1 personal training session and 1 sports massage to help with my recovery.

Month One Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four
Session One Personal Training Personal Training Personal Training Personal Training
Session Two Personal Training Personal Training Personal Training Personal Training

Alternatively, the screening could show you have an injury to your shoulder, so to help you reach your goals more effectively, we structure your training differently. We train around the injured area in the personal training and you have a weekly sports therapy session to improve the affected area.

Month One Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four
Session One Personal Training Personal Training Personal Training Personal Training
Session Two Sports Therapy Sports Therapy Sports Therapy Sports Therapy

Our fitness team and therapy team (sports massage, sports therapy, chiropractor) all work together, sharing knowledge and building an exercise plan that has you at the centre.


Everyday stresses and strains alone can cause your muscles and bones to move differently.

This can result in pain and cause you to move less effectively, or simply move less. Any injuries, (old or new), can make this effect worse. By gently putting those affected parts of you back where they’re supposed to be, you can achieve better posture, relieve pain and regain movement and flexibility.

Sports therapy

This puts in place ways of working that will help you recover from any existing injuries, or prevent future injuries.

It’s a process of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, using a combination of manual therapy, taping & strapping, and movement – all with the aim of returning you to full fitness and keeping you there.

Sports massage

This is massage tailored to your specific needs, focussing on the areas that need it most.

It’s all about moving, healing and strengthening you in the right places through massage, (sometimes before and after exercise) to enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injuries.

Education Events

Throughout the year Body Happy will be teaming up with a variety of people to talk about wellbeing and health.

Events will be held at Body Happy in Lewes, and these talks will range from nutrition to goal setting to how to deal with stress, and we will have chiropractors and other therapists talking about how we can look after our bodies as well as going through exercises we can do at home.

Partnerships and Discounts

If you are using the Body Happy app, we have an area called ‘Deals’.

You can get discount codes on various clothing brands, wearable technology, food and nutrition.

We are hoping to expand our partnerships to local businesses.

Let’s talk.

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