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Let us take you on a fitness journey 

Body Happy’s philosophy is Fitness for Life. The programmes below are all designed for 8-weeks. They will take you through a fitness journey, progressing exercises and sets/ rep schemes.  

Level One: Develop your knowledge, skills, confidence and strength. Focus on basic movement patterns and fundamentals.   


Level Two: Grow your knowledge, skills, confidence and strength. Improve your movement skills, using the set and repetition schemes.   


Level Three: Excel, using your knowledge, skills, confidence and strength. Integrate your training methods using various approaches and tools – set, repetitions and intervals – to drive towards your goals. Aim to maximise strength and aerobic/anaerobic performance.   


Level Four: Fitness for life. Challenge and enjoy your skills, confidence and strength. You now have a toolbox of exercises and training methods to improve strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness.