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Inspired by the Brighton and/or London marathon?

Spring is the perfect time to start running.  The days are getting longer and warmer, and it is so much easier to want to get out the door when the sun is shining! It’s daunting to start running though, isn’t it? When you see people pounding the streets of your town,...

How to deal with the ‘what ifs’

Training for an endurance event is hard.  It takes an awful lot of time, will power and selfishness to get through the 16-odd weeks of training to make it to the start line of a long distance race like a marathon.  And the thing is, not matter how much you plan, how...

Seven Tips to Survive Winter Marathon Training

Seven Tips to Survive Winter Marathon Training Because, like many of you reading this, I am a little unhinged and have decided to run a marathon in the spring, I have also decided to run through the worst months of the year. There’s no getting round it: it’s dark,...
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