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Personalised Fitness Training in Hove

Personalised Fitness Training Programmes 

My team and I offer one-to-one fitness training sessions for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Whatever your lifestyle or fitness levels, here at Body Happy we can make it happen. We have a fully equipped, light and airy fitness studio in Hove (with easy parking, with plenty of space for your work out).

Fancy working out with your partner, friend or sibling? We also offer sessions for couples, where you can each unleash your inner competitive spirit (should you so choose).

What’s Involved?

Following your initial assessment and physical analysis session, we’ll set your objectives. These may include weight loss, improved stamina or increased muscle strength.  Your exercise programme  may be difficult and outside your comfort zone, or maybe quite straightforward. You may want to train for a marathon or just walk that little bit further without getting out of breath. With your commitment, you will get there.

Judy Sparkes – Hove

“Jenny was my perfect choice.  I’m nearly 70 and needed help with strengthening my core, improving my balance and becoming more flexible.

She has helped me progress with a well-chosen programme of exercise and weight training.  I recently hurt my leg and Jenny supported my rehab, therefore speeding up my recovery time.

The training I’ve done over the last 6 months has made me stronger, improved my overall health and helped my confidence no end.  Working with Jenny has been so very enjoyable and helpful.  I’m happy to recommend Jenny Osborne to everyone!”     Judy Parkes – Hove


What Happens in a Personal Training Session?

We’ll implement fitness sessions to integrate a wide range of training disciplines and methods.  In this way, your interest and motivation will remain high.  Also, this means that your body adapts to the new regime, yet challenges itself as you develop.

We’ll make sure that you complete each exercise properly, with the correct posture at all times.  Less is more, most of the time.

We’ll focus on increasing your flexibility, your core strength and your stability.
Most of all, you’ll leave each session feeling invigorated and full of beans! You’ll wish that you could bottle this amazing feeling of well being.

What We Don’t Do

• First of all, your privacy, welfare and comfort is very important to us, so you will never be humiliated or embarrassed in any way. As personal trainers, we’re immensely privileged that you have chosen to train with Body Happy, so if something doesn’t feel right we won’t make you do it.

• No pain no gain? Not in our philosophy. If it hurts (rather than just challenges your muscles) we’ll do something else instead.

The next step?

Your once and future self awaits you.  Why not text me on 07786 557 998? .

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