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When it comes to attaining a lean, fit body, nutrition is vitally important.  It’s literally true that we are what we eat.  Without good food and adequate levels of hydration, your fitness regime will be less effective.  Although everyone is biochemically different, a whole food diet based around regular protein meals, with plenty of vegetables and more fluids should be at the top of your priority list.

You may find that your personalised fitness programme sparks and interest in nutrition, enabling you to start making healthier, more nutrient-rich food choices on a regular basis.

Or maybe not.  Perhaps you feel that a so-called healthy diet has changed so much over the years that you no longer trust the experts’ opinion of what’s good and what’s unhealthy.  And, what does “healthy” mean anyway?  It’s all so confusing.

Expert Nutritional Advice

What you put into your body dramatically affects your health and your well being.

As the owner of Body Happy and a fully qualified personal trainer and Pilates teacher, I can offer you general advice about a healthy diet.

However, you may need more precise input from an expert.  I’m delighted to work with Claire Goldfinch , a highly qualified nutritionist.  Claire and I are on the same page when it comes to nutrition.  How?  Claire will devise a programme to help you lose weight but that also gives you LOADS of energy.  The energy you need to get through your busy day feeling well, healthy and happy.

Claire will take into account your personal and professional circumstances and of course, your nutrition and fitness goals.  Whether you’d like to have more energy, sleep better or change your body shape,  a powerful combination of expert dietary and fitness advice will be the motivation that you need.

A balanced diet that focuses on quality nutrition, reducing sugar and processed food is the way forward.  You may find that even a few small changes make a world of difference to how you look, think and feel.

Now then.  Go and get yourself a glass of water then pick up the phone to Body Happy on 07786 557998

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