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I had been attending the local gym for about fifteen years. I have also been treated by a Chiropracter for a stiff back, tight hamstrings and some issues with posture. About a year ago my IT band became inflamed and I stopped going to the gym to give my knee time to recover. Although my IT band improved within a couple of months I haven’t really returned to the gym with any commitment.


I am conscious that as I am getting older, issues such as muscle definition, core strength and balance become important especially as my main hobbies are walking, freshwater angling and travelling. Since my retirement five years ago I have had more time to pursue these. As I want to continue pursuing my interests as long as possible have been thinking for some time that I should kick start my fitness programme. I have been aware that perhaps my solo sessions in the gym (10 minutes walking on the treadmill, lateral pull down, leg press, rowing machine and bike) were partly to blame for the problems being treated by the Chiropractor. I therefore thought I needed someone to ensure that the exercises I undertake really meet my needs, were safe and didn’t store up problems for the future. I therefore took the plunge and enrolled for ten sessions with Mark at Body Happy.

My first session involved blood pressure and Body Stat measurements, medical questionnaire and a chat about my goals before I was let loose with a giant elastic band (I think it is called a resistance band).

What a difference the sessions have made (there is more to them than just an elastic band!!!!)

They are fun (I can choose the music). I am shown the correct techniques (no more bad habits). I am pushed to my limit (no more cheating) and new exercises are introduced (no more ploughing badly through the same old routine)

After eight sessions I have found that my posture, flexibility and general fitness levels have improved. I have more energy (although I still need that 4pm daily nap) and my Chiropracter is pleased.

I only have two more sessions with Mark although he will give me some exercises I can complete at home to continue to build on his work. I intend to keep in contact with Body Happy and book refresher sessions to ensure that I don’t slip back. I must say the weekly circuits look really interesting and something I could perhaps manage.

Onwards and upwards!!!!!