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Meet the Team

Mark Beresford

Mark is a strength and conditioning coach and a qualified personal trainer, who believes that people should be active, as there are so many physical and mental health benefits.

Mark’s core beliefs are that personal training and strength and conditioning should be bespoke, and be both enjoyable and challenging. He also believes in helping educate clients to the ‘whys’ of training to help people understand the reasons for doing certain exercises.

Mark enjoys training those looking to push themselves to reach their goals: whether that’s getting fit for a sport, fat loss or increasing muscle mass, or just to get that bit healthier. The benefits of exercise not only help with performance and improvement in sports, but in encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle and boosting mental wellbeing, Mark can help you reach your goals, not matter how big or small they are. From his experience working with a range of people – from an aspiring fitness model to a retired ice-climber in remission from cancer, as well as training sports teams such as Brighton and Hove Albion youth team and American Football, Mark has been able to improve performance and wellbeing for a diverse range of clients.

As a professional in the ever-developing fitness industry, Mark is always keen to keep learning: studying and reading to help him improve his own performance. He knows it is vital to keep his own expertise up to date if he want to train you in the best possible way. Mark’s free time is spent trying to stay fit, by lifting weights in the gym and signing up to the occasional challenge: from marathons to half ironman distance triathlons. He also enjoys relaxing by spending time coarse fishing.


Becky Cunningham

Becky is a fully qualified personal trainer, with a background in Sports therapy and rehabilitation. The knowledge obtained from this helps her to tailor plans specific to the individual, maintaining and improving health, ease of day to day tasks and general well-being.

Becky believes exercise and training should be part of your lifestyle, it not only helps you with everyday tasks but mental well-being and is a great social aspect too. Becky aims to follow an enjoyable and informative approach to exercise, to ensure that you want to continue and implement exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle.

She regularly partakes in exercise; visiting the gym, classes and enjoying the odd round of golf when the weather allows. Becky is always looking to improve and adapt her own training through advice, courses and learning from peers, bringing the best knowledge she can to your training.

Chris Stevens

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