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What is Personal Fitness Training?

First of all, let’s agree what we mean by personal training.  Personal training is just that: it’s personal.


In addition, personal training is about YOU, your needs, your health and well being and YOUR fitness goals. What does this mean in practice?

  1. Your Life, Your Goals

Personal training programmes that reflect your real life, work and family commitments will always offer the best results.

Because your goals and objectives are important, they’re at the heart of a customised health and fitness programme.  Most of all, with your commitment and focus, personal training will change your life and rock your world.

  1. Accountability, Motivation, Encouragement
Encouragement - all part of the service

Encouragement and support.

Most of us need a bit of a push.  If you’re determined to change, accountability and motivation from a personal trainer will help you get there.  So, you’ll receive feedback on your progress and your programme will be adapted as you move towards your goals.

  1. Safety, Posture and Technique

Safety is important.  It’s easy to exercise ineffectively by not using the right muscles.  To avoid this, a personal trainer will always correct your technique and posture, thus ensuring that you are doing each exercise correctly.  The result?  You’ll achieve your aims more quickly and learn how best to exercise when you’re on your own.

Importantly, you can avoid injury or strain.  No sore shoulders or strained neck muscles!

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  1. An Investment in Your Health and Wellbeing

Your physical and mental health is your number one priority: without it your life could be limited in some way, or at least not as fulfilled as it should be.

A personal trainer will work with you to help increase your cardio vascular capacity, your balance, flexibility and core strength – four key health-giving essentials.  He or she will get to know you well and if they notice an ongoing problem, will recommend you to a specialist for further help.

  1. Work Harder, Burn More Calories

Admit it, you may not work out to the max on your own – is that right?  A customised, one-on-one training programme will burn more calories in less time than working out on your own.  Your trainer will devise your plan to achieve maximum results in a minimum time window.

It’s more challenging but will make that all-important difference.

  1. Fresh New Perspective on Exercise

Information on fitness, nutrition and exercise is “out there” – on TV, via social media, in the latest diet or exercise book.  It’s impossible for the average person to keep up to speed, but don’t worry: your personal trainer has the knowledge, skills and experience to know what will work for you, and what is worth avoiding.

For example, most personal trainers know the weight-loss benefits for women associated with strength training, that running long distances won’t necessarily promote fat loss and that an avocado is actually good for you.  Have a look at our FAQs page for more information.

  1. Different Every Time

A skilled personal trainer will keep things fresh, challenging new sets of muscles and teaching you new techniques at each session.  What you think you can’t do, you’ll probably end up achieving, sometimes with relative ease.

  1. Privacy, Trust and Respect

Finally, your personal trainer will never humiliate or embarrass you; you’ll always work within your fitness capacity, although you will find it challenging, of course.  You won’t be working out in full public view and your trainer will certainly not judge you, your appearance and your fitness levels.

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