Personal Fitness Trainer based in Brighton and Hove

Personal Fitness Trainer

My name is Jenny Osborne and I run Body Happy, a personal fitness studio in Brighton and Hove.

I’m a highly experienced, fully qualified personal fitness trainer who specialises in customised fitness and well being programmes.  I work with a team of like-minded professionals to help people of all  ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness.

Yes, this means you.

We understand how you may feel.  During a training session with us, we will never nag you or embarrass you. We won’t make you feel inadequate.  We promise that we won’t set you impossible goals that you can’t reach.

Most of all, we will help you find your own way towards optimum health, whatever that means to you.

You may already know what you need or want: to lose weight, increase your fitness, feel great.  Perhaps to get into that special pair of jeans or trousers that hang forlornly at the back of your wardrobe. Or, simply to feel better.  To enjoy a good night’s sleep, or run around with your children – or grandchildren.

All of these things we can help you achieve, and more.

Customised Personal Fitness Programmes

Personal fitness for all agesEspecially relevant!  There’s no need to feel self-conscious.  We are friendly,  non-judgemental, supportive and positive.  Our clients appreciate our approach.  They tell us that this is what they need when it comes to personal training.

Although we can work with you in your own home, or almost anywhere, we I have a fully-equipped, private and spacious fitness studio in Hove with easy parking. After an in-depth assessment, myself and my team can create a personalised, achievable plan that incorporates your current fitness levels and lifestyle.

Highly recommended.

Susan beckingham Testimonial
Susan Beckingham, Kemp Town, Brighton.

Jenny’s personal training sessions are fun, challenging and, as the name suggests, entirely personalised to your needs. As a busy person sometimes overwhelmed by too much to do, Jenny has made me realise that taking time to prioritise my health and wellbeing is vital. I now sleep better, look better and feel better.

After an in depth consultation and analysis, Jenny devised a programme to focus on developing my core and upper body strength and on helping me improve my flexibility and balance. We train together for an hour each time, with each session being different from the last; this keeps things fresh and works all those lazy, tired muscles for a full body workout. I work about a third harder with Jenny than I would do on my own and it really makes a difference. She’s lovely, too – she makes me laugh and never judges me, embarrasses me or makes me feel awkward.

Each session incorporates elements of strength training, Pilates, cardiovascular training and stretching.   we can help you focus on posture and technique to ensure that you’re working at your best capacity and that you avoid injury. Training with us is challenging but not punishing.

You will leave the studio  feeling energised and motivated.

Managed by Jenny, Body Happy works with a small team of qualified personal trainers who are based in our Hove studio.   You can read about them here.
We also work in partnership with a chiropractor, a nutritional therapist and a specialist in hypnotherapy and well being, who can help you achieve your health goals.

We are here to help.

Text Jenny on 07786 557 998 to arrange an introductory session and see what it’s all about.

Body Happy Classes

Body Happy Classes

The cost of each class is £7.50 per person, payable on the day.  Classes are popular however, so you will need to reserve your place in advance. The classes are held at our Hove Fitness Studio.

Day  Class  Time 
Monday  Pilates  12.00 – 13.00 
Tuesday  Pilates

Circuits  – Lunch Time Energiser


13.00 – 13.45 

Wednesday  Pilates  13.00 – 14.00 
Thursday  Circuits – Lunch Time Energiser  13.00 – 13.45
Friday   No Class  
Saturday  Roll with It  8.00-8.45 
Sunday  No Class   

Classes commencing the week beginning 13th November.

*Circuits starting Thursday 16th November 2017

To book a space contact either Jenny on 07786557998 or use your Move GB account


pilates in action

Pilates is a highly effective method of exercise to strengthen and tone your body, with particular emphasis on your “core” – a complex series of muscles around your abdomen, lower back, hips and pelvis.  Your core is incorporated into almost every movement of your body and working on these muscles can transform how you look and feel.

Having a strong core is important for optimum health and vitality.  You will leave my Pilates classes feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world.

For more information on the Pilates class and what to bring read our blog Pilates Classes for Strength and Vitality.

Roll with It

Are you lacking in flexibility? Have muscle soreness? either from sports, sitting at a desk or sedentary lifestyle? The roll release class is a way to learn how to perform myofascial release on trigger points. These trigger points are sore spots on the muscle, which can reduce mobility and create poor posture through tight muscles. The roll release class looks to target massaging the soreness away using a foam roller and stretching techniques. 
Loosening up connective tissue can increase flexibility and reduce pain – helping improve posture and performance. In the class you will learn how to use the foam roller. You will roll over muscles slowly, stopping on trigger points, followed by a stretch to target that specific muscle group. These sessions are great after a heavy week playing sport, sitting at a desk all week or prior to a run/game.
For more information on the Roll with It class and what to bring read the following blog Roll with It
Circuit Training
This Body Happy class is a fast-paced class where you do one exercise for a prescribed time/number of repetitions before moving on to another exercise for a prescribed time/number or repetitions. You will complete a number of exercises (5-10) before resting and repeating. All participants will begin at a station – which has a specific exercise to perform. Once the prescribed time is up, the instructor will ask you to move onto the next exercise. The class will give you an all round challenge testing both your cardiovascular and muscular systems – strength and endurance. The circuit is designed in different ways each week to give variety using different exercises or a different format focusing on more aerobic exercises, muscle endurance exercises to a combination of the two. 
For more information on Circuits and what to bring read our blog on Body Happy Circuits.

What is Personal Fitness Training?

What is Personal Fitness Training?

Jenny with client
Personal Training Session with Jenny Osborne

First of all, let’s agree what we mean by personal training.  Personal training is just that: it’s personal.


In addition, personal training is about YOU, your needs, your health and well being and YOUR fitness goals. What does this mean in practice?

  1. Your Life, Your Goals

Personal training programmes that reflect your real life, work and family commitments will always offer the best results.

Because your goals and objectives are important, they’re at the heart of a customised health and fitness programme.  Most of all, with your commitment and focus, personal training will change your life and rock your world.

  1. Accountability, Motivation, Encouragement
Encouragement - all part of the service
Encouragement and support.

Most of us need a bit of a push.  If you’re determined to change, accountability and motivation from a personal trainer will help you get there.  So, you’ll receive feedback on your progress and your programme will be adapted as you move towards your goals.

  1. Safety, Posture and Technique

Safety is important.  It’s easy to exercise ineffectively by not using the right muscles.  To avoid this, a personal trainer will always correct your technique and posture, thus ensuring that you are doing each exercise correctly.  The result?  You’ll achieve your aims more quickly and learn how best to exercise when you’re on your own.

Importantly, you can avoid injury or strain.  No sore shoulders or strained neck muscles!

Pilates Classes Link

  1. An Investment in Your Health and Wellbeing

Your physical and mental health is your number one priority: without it your life could be limited in some way, or at least not as fulfilled as it should be.

A personal trainer will work with you to help increase your cardio vascular capacity, your balance, flexibility and core strength – four key health-giving essentials.  He or she will get to know you well and if they notice an ongoing problem, will recommend you to a specialist for further help.

  1. Work Harder, Burn More Calories

Admit it, you may not work out to the max on your own – is that right?  A customised, one-on-one training programme will burn more calories in less time than working out on your own.  Your trainer will devise your plan to achieve maximum results in a minimum time window.

It’s more challenging but will make that all-important difference.

  1. Fresh New Perspective on Exercise

Information on fitness, nutrition and exercise is “out there” – on TV, via social media, in the latest diet or exercise book.  It’s impossible for the average person to keep up to speed, but don’t worry: your personal trainer has the knowledge, skills and experience to know what will work for you, and what is worth avoiding.

For example, most personal trainers know the weight-loss benefits for women associated with strength training, that running long distances won’t necessarily promote fat loss and that an avocado is actually good for you.  Have a look at our FAQs page for more information.

  1. Different Every Time

A skilled personal trainer will keep things fresh, challenging new sets of muscles and teaching you new techniques at each session.  What you think you can’t do, you’ll probably end up achieving, sometimes with relative ease.

  1. Privacy, Trust and Respect

Finally, your personal trainer will never humiliate or embarrass you; you’ll always work within your fitness capacity, although you will find it challenging, of course.  You won’t be working out in full public view and your trainer will certainly not judge you, your appearance and your fitness levels.

Health and Fitness Studio in Hove

Private Fitness Studio in Hove

fitness studio HoveBecause many of us feel self-conscious, we don’t always want to work out in a public space, say in a park or a commercial gym.  The Brighton and Hove seafront?  Lovely, but a little too visible.  even. So we have our own Fitness Studio in Hove.

Are you new to exercise? Maybe been inactive for a long period? Consequently,  does the thought of exercising under other people’s beady eyes put you off?  Since you feel exposed, you may put off exercise for another time, or go off the idea all together.

Is this you?  Don’t worry.  First of all, Body Happy has a fully equipped private fitness studio in Second Avenue, Hove.  It’s from here that my team and I offer personal training sessions, so nobody can see you.  It’s also where my Pilates classes are held.  We have everything you need to get fit in one place.

Fitness Studio Location

Because you need to find us easily,  please note the following location and transport information.

The Studio, Kingsway Court, First Avenue Hove, BN3 2LR.  We’re just off the seafront.  You’ll find us when you see the sign for The Bali Brasserie.

Body happy location on Google maps
Click image above to view larger map

Travel, Public Transport and Parking

Buses run frequently.  Second Avenue is the nearest bus stop near the Body Happy studio.  It’s just a short 2-minute walk.  Head towards the sea front on Second Avenue. You’ll be here in no time.

There’s plenty of low cost metered parking around the studio.

Pay cash at the machines, dial 01273 458 458 to pay by phone.  Or,  download the Brighton and Hove Pay by Phone app to your smart phone or tablet.

Better still, why not walk?  A bracing, brisk march along the sea front will set you up for your work out.

What’s in the Studio?

There’s everything you need to work out – and more.

My studio has a full range of resistance and strength training machines.  At Body Happy, since we want you to get maximum benefits from your training with us,  you’ll find free weights, resistance bands, ViPRs, kettlebells, foam
rollers, TRXs and stability balls.

As much as you may like our gizmos and gadgets, there’s plenty of room for stretching and other exercises on comfortable, supportive floor mats.  In addition,  there’s also a stationary bike, rowing machine and a cross trainer, so you’ll be able to work on your cardio fitness and HIT (high interval training).

walking machine

Especially relevant to your comfort is the fact that our equipment, as well as the studio itself, is spotlessly clean and well maintained

Changing Room, Toilet and Shower

Finally, if you’d prefer to get changed at the studio, there’s a fully equipped private changing room and bathroom with a WC.   In addition, there’s a shower, which is of course free to use if you wish to freshen up after your work out.

While personal training may seem out of your reach, we can assure you that it’s really, really, not.

Contact me to find out more.  Or send me a text!  07786 557 998

Personalised Fitness Programmes

Personalised Fitness Training in Hove

Personalised Fitness Training Programmes Men and Women

My team and I offer one-to-one fitness training sessions for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Whatever your lifestyle or fitness levels, here at Body Happy we can make it happen. I have a fully equipped, light and airy fitness studio in Hove (with easy parking, with plenty of space for your work out.

Fancy working out with your partner, friend or sibling? I also offer sessions for couples, where you can each unleash your inner competitive spirit (should you so choose).

What’s Involved?

Following your initial assessment and physical analysis session, we’ll set your objectives. These may include weight loss, improved stamina or increased muscle strength.  Your exercise programme  may be difficult and outside your comfort zone, or maybe quite straightforward. You may want to train for a marathon or just walk that little bit further without getting out of breath. With your commitment, you will get there.

Judy Sparkes – Hove

“Jenny was my perfect choice.  I’m nearly 70 and needed help with strengthening my core, improving my balance and becoming more flexible.

She has helped me progress with a well-chosen programme of exercise and weight training.  I recently hurt my leg and Jenny supported my rehab, therefore speeding up my recovery time.

The training I’ve done over the last 6 months has made me stronger, improved my overall health and helped my confidence no end.  Working with Jenny has been so very enjoyable and helpful.  I’m happy to recommend Jenny Osborne to everyone!”     Judy Parkes – Hove


What Happens in a Personal Training Session?

We’ll implement fitness sessions to integrate a wide range of training disciplines and methods.  In this way, your interest and motivation will remain high.  Also, this means that your body adapts to the new regime, yet challenges itself as you develop.

We’ll make sure that you complete each exercise properly, with the correct posture at all times.  Less is more, most of the time.

We’ll focus on increasing your flexibility, your core strength and your stability.
Most of all, you’ll leave each session feeling invigorated and full of beans! You’ll wish that you could bottle this amazing feeling of well being.

What We Don’t Do

• First of all, your privacy, welfare and comfort is very important to us, so you will never be humiliated or embarrassed in any way. As personal trainers, we’re immensely privileged that you have chosen to train with Body Happy, so if something doesn’t feel right we won’t make you do it.

• No pain no gain? Not in our philosophy. If it hurts (rather than just challenges your muscles) we’ll do something else instead.

The next step?

Your once and future self awaits you.  Why not text me on 07786 557 998? .